Love Letters

To Comfort You is My Care

A love letter from Jesus. 




Just breathe. The high tide is rolling in to give you rest in My spacious love. To comfort you is My care as your best friend. I am making sure that you always have enough and plenty left over to share. Abide in My comfort and care as I continue to manifest My promises. 


There are some treasures that can only be seen in the ebb of obscure waters. The times of difficulty were used to reveal promises and the shells of hidden heart desires. From the empty places of unspeakable pain, I am opening up new currents of My goodness to give you thirst-quenching drinks of My prosperity.  


Although you suffered unimaginable anguish, it’s time to get your hopes up to expect again. Misery is being replaced with happiness. Absorb My blessings with eagerness, as you cast your net of expectancy toward the starboard side. Drink your fill from the delightful springs of My promise. Enjoy and be satisfied in the flowing fountains of My abundance. 


The provisions of My love are limitless, like immense oceans brimming with water. My tender care and kindness will never leave you forgotten. Prepare to be amazed as you experience My promises overflowing as torrents of rushing water and underground springs filling up the canyons and valleys. 


The dry season is over and an increase has arrived. You will not even be able to contain the massive gifts that I am sending. So wipe away the tears and rest in the healing streams of My love pouring over. I will greatly increase you today and restore your comfort again. 






Written by Dannette Lynn


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