Love Letters

I Will Answer



A love letter from the Father. 




Since the day you were born, you’ve been longing to know. Like a tree in the spring, that’s still covered with snow.


“What is my purpose, and why am I here? Is it true that You love me-I don’t have to fear? I’ve tried to be good, and I’m better than most! Yet I’m hollow and empty, inside-I’m a ghost.”


Well, your time has now come, the real journey begins. And it starts with My Son, and forgiveness of sins. My answer is “yes” and I’ll do it right now! I will give you your name, and I’ll give you a crown!


I don’t speak religion, or rituals or rules. That burden’s too heavy-it’s carried by fools! So forget all these things that they said I’d require-white tombs may LOOK clean, but inside them is mire!


There’s only one thing that I ask, and I’ll need. It may sting for a moment-it may very well bleed. See your wounds are still open, from all the offense. From the people that hurt you-from no recompense.


I won’t ask you to trust them-you won’t be their rug. I will ask you instead to trust Me, and My love.


I’m The Greatest Physician! Jehovah Rapha! If I heal you, your healed-you’ll shout hallelujah!


If you want to be freed from your pain and your thirst there’s no line in My office, please come! You’ll be first! See I’ll clean out the rot, and I’ll give you My Cure! You’ll be washed in My blood and no longer impure!


So lay down on My table, repeat after Me: “the people who hurt me, I now choose to free! I forgive all their bruises, I’ve run out of glue! I now call on Jesus to make me anew!”


If these words tugged your heart, and you’re wanting to cry-it’s because of My Spirit that’s in them-no lie! See I lure you with love and My mystery is grace, but I’ll never use shame-it’s too bitter to taste!


I’ll be waiting to hug you and welcome you home. You will now know the real Me-you won’t be alone! Please take up My offer and hurry! Don’t wait! I have answered your questions with ME-I’m your fate!


When I first made your heart, I placed in it a seed. But a thief quickly came, and he planted a weed! This thief thought he’d won-since I let them both grow. But he’s only a pawn! And My plans-I don’t show!


Now My seed in your heart, made you thirst for My rain. And that weed quickly grew-it was causing great pain. Through this pain came your questions-they’re written above! But the thief didn’t win! He was conquered by love!




Written by guest author Katie Gazboda

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