Love Letters

In the Place of Affliction


A love letter from Jesus. 




In the agony of deep emotional pain, you raised your voice with bitter weeping and sorrow. Night and day your prayers were before My ears. Uncomforted and inconsolable, your grief stretched beyond death itself. 


I carried the echos of your affliction on My heart with outstretched arms to give you rest and comfort. Before you even asked, an answer was given. Put your hope in Me, from now on those troubles are gone. In the place of your pain, I am bringing rest and comfort. 


I am blessing you with goodness in the place of your affliction, to give songs of comfort to the silence and a bed of roses for the suffering. Though you have mourned and your soul was wearily drooped down, you will sway with enjoyment to the intentionalities of My love. 


Quiet your heart and let your tears no longer fall. I am taking away the difficulties to give you the relief of easier days. I stand up for the poor and weak to comfort and empower them from distress. The weight of your troubles is being removed and you will not feel it again. 


Inhale the gentle breeze of My compassions. I have made for you a safe harbor from the driving rains and freedom from the oppression. My love will absorb the pain away and surely you will laugh again. You will twirl with praise as I blanket your worries with peace and wellness. 


I will cause you to forget the hardship and I will prosper you in the place of your misfortune. Instead of shame and suffering, you will feast on overwhelming heaps of My favor and blessings. 


Although you knew hard times and miserable moments, I am raising you up now to restore you again. You will be greatly increased as I comfort you. I am leading you to restful places and rejuvenating streams of water because I love you–as a mother loves her child. 


The rains of prosperity are flooding you with a peaceful abundance. Like a little child, you will be held, carried and nourished. When you see what I do, it will ease your mind and lift your heart. I will turn your weeping into joy. With extra comfort, I will replace your sorrow with ecstatic gladness.  






Written by Dannette Lynn




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