Love Letters

You Will Never Be Denied

A love letter from the Father. 




It’s not too late for a miracle. You will never be denied, so don’t be discouraged, but be strong to trust in My timing. Like relentless river streams piercing through the sturdy rocks, continue to plead your prayer and the answer will manifest for you. What you believe changes everything. 


I am a Good Father. If the hardened hearts of earthly fathers are moved to give good gifts, how much more do I delight to answer your wish with wonderful things?  I will always hear you. Continue to ask with eager anticipation and you will receive it. 


Keep telling yourself that I will give you the request and it will be granted to you. Look expectantly to Me with confidence and watch how suddenly I move. My order of peace will silence your struggles as I give you rest from this ongoing affliction. 


I will reopen the water wells of bountiful provisions. I have blessed you with an increase in a prosperous land. All of your needs will be satisfied, so don’t be afraid. Not just a trickle or drop but you will receive the blessings of an abundance pouring out over you again and again. 






Written by Dannette Lynn



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Dannette Garza

2885 Sanford Ave SW


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