Love Letters

Leaving the Despair



A love letter from Jesus. 



I know well your suffering and I have come to rescue you from the despair. Be hushed now, I have everything under My care. This is a situation that you need My help to move. I have reached down My arms to hold you and pick you up out of the sea of darkness as the Support of your life. I will fight for you as you remain calm. 


Don’t be afraid but be confident in what I will accomplish for you today! The light of My face is over you and rays of brilliance are streaming from My hands. I am moving through the darkness in ways that are hidden to still the fury and calm the billowing waves. The mountains will see and tremble as the heavy rains of blessings pass through. 


I am stretching out My hand to display a series of miracles through your weakness. I will save you from those problems that have come back in pursuit. To My delight, I will take you up with joy and supernaturally empower you to succeed and prosper. Keep your mind filled with thoughts of hope and your attitude cemented to faith. 


You will no longer struggle. The suffering that you see today, you will not see again. Forget yesterday’s struggles and expect to see My goodness. Something good is going to happen! You will not leave the despair empty-handed, but I have granted you radiant showers of My loving provisions and the joy of newly discovered riches. 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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