Love Letters

Fascinating Miracles

A love letter from the Father



You will increase from the restriction that you have experienced and spread out into colossal stockpiles of My goodness. No curses can touch you any longer, I have given My word to bless you and take away your anguish. The blessing is My power to produce super-abundantly above all that you need. 




To be cursed means to be ‘confined by pain’, but to be blessed means to be ‘empowered with victory’. My blessing to you is a safe covering to protect you from all curses. The sorrow of the past has been transformed into double the joy of relief. 



Trust in My promises and rest with faith to receive. Everything that you need has already been given. The blessing brings wealth, without painful toil for it. You only need to believe. Dwell in My words and don’t withdraw with doubtful thinking. Nothing is the same anymore, fascinating miracles are abruptly emerging. 





Written by Dannette Lynn




To bless:





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