Love Letters

Flood of Rest



A love letter from the Father. 



Passing through the sea of tumultuous distress, with bitter tears you raised your cries to Me. In the lamenting anxieties of your pleading, I am speaking “Stillness”. Be at peace, no longer mourn or weep. I will save you, that you may be a blessing. 


The floodgates are open for an increase of peace and prosperity. I am giving you rest from what troubles you and doing great things that you cannot comprehend. “For I command the snow, ‘Fall on the earth’; and I tell the downpour of My mighty rains, ‘Be strong.’ 


Those afflictions have been transformed into a set up of honor for you. I am the Refuge and fortress of your life. Fear not and tell your heart to be strong. For I am bringing an increase of peace and prosperity to rule over the needs that you have. 


There is nothing that exists that can ever separate you from the unlimited Source of My love. The curse has been reversed and the fountains are bursting open with an overflow of blessings. The waters of rest will continue to prevail until every mountain of trouble dissolves before you. 


More and more of My abundance will continue to fill your life until you can no longer measure the vastness. It’s yours for the taking! You will see that I have done immeasurably more than you have asked or imagined. 


Dry your eyes from weeping and inhale My peace over the anxieties. Your prayer has been answered. I am making these situations new. The floodgates are pouring out a blessing too big for you to contain. There is plenty for you and plenty to give away. You are blessed to be a blessing! 



Written by Dannette Lynn



To bless:







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