Love Letters

Even Better than it Seems


A love letter from Jesus. 




Darling don’t be afraid, everything is going to be okay. I will comfort you where you hurt and give relief from the depression. Though you have ached for what is no longer there, the void is only an illusion of the darkness. Nothing that I have promised you has been removed. Don’t look at what seems absent in the night, but set your sights on the light of what I promised. 


Just because you cannot see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. See with your heart and gaze through your promises. You are closer than you think, the fear of suffering is untrue. Instead of worry, pray and celebrate what I am doing. Everything will turn out good…even better than it seems. Lift your chin and with anticipation, because the promises that I made to you are unchanging. 


Like mesmerizing light glowing in the black water, your spirit is glittering with excitement about what is about to happen. The disturbances that you have been experiencing has triggered the unveiling manifestation of My words. My promises are lighting up the absolute darkness with the anticipation of encountering My intentional love. 


I have very good news! The waters are rising in the midst of your affliction to saturate your needs with refreshment. I have prepared ahead to give you treasures that are hidden away and secret riches in undisclosed places. With your own eyes, you will see the pleasure of My goodness. 


I have secret stores of provisions that you don’t know about, springing up out of the desperate ground. As fountains from the bottom of the ocean burst open and floodgate windows open in the sky, the deluge of waters will cover your needs in an instant immersing–all on the same day there will be a flood of tangible blessings. 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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