Love Letters

Sudden Manifestation


A love letter from Jesus.



Do not fear, My dear. You are being revived. In response to your prayers, I will answer. I know that it can be frustrating when you have not seen what you have been promised. It may seem like it will not come, but suddenly it will happen before you are ready. 


It can be easy to trip and fall at night if you are not looking at the light of promise within. See yourself receiving what you seek as I raise you into it. Imagination is the fuel that powers your faith. If you can see it then it’s yours. I will not disappoint your eager expectations. 


Ignore the circumstances that you see and keep expecting to see the sudden manifestation of what I speak. Like an airplane rising to fly, push through the circumstances around you. Lift yourself up with faith-filled thoughts and the negative scenarios that you face will be cast down like opposing air deflected down the airplane’s wing. 


Gather yourself together and get ready. Now you will see and believe. Celebrate and rejoice, even before it happens for your Father has done great things! The drought is over and I am sending provisions of rain as a sign of My faithfulness. 


The heavy rains will pour down to satisfy your longings and ensure that you are fearless. You will see that I am gracious and compassionate as I maintain My vow of faithful love. A pure stream is flowing, you will have plenty and be satisfied. 


You are being raised up to higher ground–higher than you can dream! Keep talking like it is coming and thanking Me that it is on the way. Hope and anticipate in My goodness. You will stand and see the magnificence materialize to be more than you believed! 



Written by Dannette Lynn



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