Love Letters

Breathtaking Elevation


A love letter from the Father




You have entered a new place, nothing is as it was before. Hush now, My child, those fears are lying to you. The opposite of what you fear is what you can expect Me to do. Don’t assume the worst, this is unlike any place that you have ever been. I am lifting you up now to experience My goodness. It will look unbelievable and feel as if you are dreaming. You will be stunned by the remarkable things that I do!


This is your moment to shine, so keep your eyes ahead. You will not go backward, but you are moving to the top. I have released you from poverty to restored and multiplied fortunes. Prepare to receive on a whole new level. You need to see yourself higher than ever before because you are going higher than you have ever dared to imagine. I will continue to fill you with unimaginable provisions of wealth, blessings upon blessings will be heaped upon you.


A flood of promise is blooming! At My command, the springs have blown, to gently stir the rain waters back to life. Crimson-colored roses and sweet honeysuckle are twining up the branches as promises appear before your eyes. Keep confident that something wonderful is about to happen, I have hidden riches for you in plain sight. I am lifting you up to a breathtaking place to magnify My lovingkindness. 


Have no worries, just relax and enjoy the ride. The winter of suffering is over My dear, so spring up with excitement! My goodness and mercy are overflowing to you, to calm every fear and cause long-awaited heart desires to come true. You will have everything in abundance, even more than you expect. Anticipate fullness and an overflow of generous goodness!





Written by Dannette

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