Love Letters

Only Believe


A love letter from Jesus. 




Breathe, My dear and do not mourn over these sorrows. My love means that I am always with you and always listening to your voice. Do not fear anything, for I am here. I will certainly take hold of your hand and help you. Do not try to figure out how it can work. I am doing the impossible. I will make sure that your hopes will happen, so quiet your worries. 




Tell yourself the truth, that I will answer your prayers. When you pray to Me, I will hear and listen. If you know that I have heard you then you know that you will have what you are seeking. I will give you all that you ask for — and withholding nothing. You have an abundance of grace and a gift of righteousness. What you hope for is real and true, an anchor to secure you. 




Continue to speak life, even when death is all around you. Don’t focus on the problem, but pray the solution. Once your thinking changes, everything else will too. Concentrate on what you desire, not what you physically feel or see. Trust My promises with all of your heart and don’t rely on your own understanding. My word is medicine and healing. 




Think about a good result, you become as you think. Ignore the bad symptoms and the noise around you. Fill your mind with thoughts of the best outcome. A happy heart is a good medicine and a joyful mind causes healing. What you meditate on is a choice…a blessing or a curse. What you focus on will draw out the manifestation that you seek. 




Only believe that I have given you this request. Rejoice in your hopes with confidence that I will move in response to your faith. Let your heart bubble up with anticipation and joy. Only believe with confident trust that you have already received and the petition is yours! I promise with an oath to give it to you and I will respond with even more than what you are expecting.






Written by Dannette




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