Flying School



I had this adventurous night with Jesus that I will call “Flying School”. In this encounter, He was showing me how to fly supernaturally in order to get what I needed. Before the teaching began, He said, “If you use your faith to argue your circumstances, you will receive material faith”.




Then He gave me a vision of large abundant quantities of supplies, falling off of a semi-truck and landing next to my feet. The Lord was encouraging me not to accept the problems happening, but to argue against the opposition using my faith in His words and the outcome of my hopes to receive an abundant supply for every need. 




In my encounter of learning to fly, Jesus was flying so effortlessly. However, since I did not have wings, I had to hold onto Jesus with one hand and my hope on the other hand. Symbolically, my “hope” was a big balloon. In order to stay flying, I had to remain constantly connected to the promises that Jesus has given and I had to keep my thoughts on seeing what I was hoping for.




This meant, that under no circumstance, could I allow myself to think or follow after negative or fearful thoughts. I could not allow myself to think of a bad outcome. In order to fly by supernatural faith, I had to use my hope-filled thoughts to fly into the manifestation of what I was hoping for.




This scene reminded me of the movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when Charlie and his grandpa were laughing and floating up to the ceiling. The more they laughed with happy thoughts, the higher they went. We know that if we believe and do not doubt, what we pray for is given. The most important part of flying into fulfillment is not to think a negative thought. 




At the end of my time of flying with Jesus, I floated gently back to the ground with my balloon still in my hand. As soon as my feet touched the ground, my balloon disappeared and there was folded up cash left behind for me. I picked up the cash and put it into my pocket. I instantly knew that I was going to receive what I was hoping for because Jesus went with me to get it.




Even though I have been surrounded by the pressures of impossible looking situations, I am activating this lesson myself today. My hope is that I will receive the “material faith” that Jesus has told me about. He knows how desperately our needs are and it is very reassuring to know that He goes before us to show us how to fly victoriously through it all.




I pray that this will happen just like He showed me, where my hope manifests to be the provision to cover our needs, in an abundance. I also bless you today and pray that God would supply all of your needs out of the immensity of His riches. May you come out of whatever you are hoping for with the tangible product of your hopes and the answers to your prayers.




Thanks for reading!


Love, Dannette


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My God will use His wonderful riches in Christ Jesus to give you everything you need. ~ Philippians 4:19 ICB