Love Letters

Uniquely You



A love letter from Jesus


Close your eyes and see. I have placed an Emerald necklace on your neck to show you who you are to Me. An emerald is a gem significant for royalty and romance. Like an emerald, you are unique, exquisite in every way.


Some emeralds are highly valued for their internal fractures. This is called jardin, a French term for a garden. Your uniqueness is part of your beauty. O my dove, let Me see your face, your love is fair to Me.


 What started as a seed will suddenly become the flower that blooms out. True beauty comes from the inside out, like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. What you have endured has prepared you for everything that you have asked Me for. Bless the rains dear one, they make the flowers grow.


Like an arrow, the back pull is used for your launching. I gather the outcasts and lift them up to the high place reserved by Myself. Going low is part of going up. Just as water in the tide goes low before the rise. The past troubles will melt away like a raindrop that disappears into the ocean. You will thank Me when you see the view from the top. 


My unfailing love will never be separated from you. You are My hidden treasure, like an emerald with a depth of color, a very precious stone. I have prepared you Myself, as one who I adore. Just as an emerald with fractures is oil treated by a very careful hand. I have made you whole. 


Take courage as I lift you up, no longer hidden. Trust in my good intentions and the intentional purpose of My love. Be like the water that dives off of the waterfall, a free fall of trust and surrender in what I am doing now. You are uniquely you, My beautiful one, My beloved, So perfect in every part. 




Written by Dannette Lynn


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